Guitar Tuition


Teaching Strategy

I am a firm believer in teaching each student what they want to learn and what I think they need to learn. This includes all aspects of guitar playing such as songs, technique and examinations if the student wishes. I also have a vast amount of experience and knowledge of guitar equipment such as amplifiers, effects and guitar related computer software, which I will happily pass on to a student if they wish. I also encourage all my students, once they have aquired enough information, to compose their own music so they can apply what they are learning and discover their own, unique voice on the instrument.
My aim is to prepare each student to be able to play guitar confidently in any musical situation in a variety of styles. Someone once said ‘Knowledge is Power’ and this couldn’t be more true for a musician. The more you can play, the better chance you have of passing an audition/being called for a session/joining a band e.t.c. Leaving the confines of your bedroom and taking your first steps into the vast ocean that we call the ‘music business’ armed with only your favourite riffs from ‘Guitar Hero 3’ will not get you very far!
By combining my own methods with the RGT electric guitar syllabus I offer tuition that is tailored to each students needs and abilities. No matter if you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned player looking to improve, I can help you. I teach:

Pop, Rock, Metal, Jazz Fusion, Funk, Blues, Acoustic.

I am well established in Hertfordshire for both my tuition and the work I have done in the music business such as recording, touring, and I am happy to advise on these aspects as well as guitar tuition. My aim is to produce the best results in a relaxed but professional atmosphere.

Lessons are held at the students home Mon-Fri evenings and on weekends but I can also accommodate students during the day if required (this is ideal for shift workers, for example).

I have evening appointments available Mon-Fri and limited weekend appointments available. Please contact me for details.


Tuition Fees

Between 0-10 miles from Buntingford:
£30 for 60 minutes
£15 for 30 minutes

This area extends as far as:  Buckland, Great Hormead, Little Hormead, Hay St, Braughing, Nasty, Cottered Barley, Furneux Pelham, Little Hadham, Puckeridge, Standon, Colliers End, Dane End, Walkern, Ardeley, Clothall, Rushden, Sandon, Kelshall, Therfield, Reed, Anstey.

Between 10-12 miles from Buntingford:
£20 for 30 minutes
£40 for 60 minutes

This area extends as far as (clockwise): Royston, Stevenage, Knebworth, Hitchin.

Terms and Conditions:

1. 24 hours notice is required for cancellation of a lesson. If insufficient notice is given, the lesson will be charged in full. There are no exceptions to this.
2. Consistent cancellations will result in the students time being given to someone else.
3. Steve Wallace will not provide any student with a guitar for tuition.
4. Steve Wallace reserves the right to cease teaching any student at any time.