I am available for hire for bands/solo artists in need of a guitarist, drummer or bassist to help complete their projects, whether they be studio or live sessions. Here’s how it works:

Contact me using the appropriate page.

Once contact has been made, both myself and the artist will correspond and discuss/clarify fees, hopes, dreams, aspirations, deadlines, rehearsal/live dates etc. Once we have agreed to collaborate, we will proceed as follows:

The artist will send me their material via MP3 format, be it rough demo’s or fully mixed, mastered tracks, as well as any form of notation (PowerTab/Guitar Pro/PDF). I will then commence learning the material. I am happy to learn the artists material note for note, to completely improvise, or compromise with the artist to meet their requirements. I have a wide range of guitars, amps and FX, giving me greater ability to give the artist the sound they are looking for. I am also happy to drum to a click if required.

Terms and Conditions/Recording Credits:

  • Steve Wallace must be credited for all guitar/drum recordings performed by himself.
  • Steve Wallace must be credited if any part of his recording is going to be looped/sampled and used on multiple projects.
  • Steve Wallace must be credited if any part of his live performance is going to be professionally recorded/filmed and released commercially on either audio/visual media.
  • Steve Wallace must be credited on liner notes of all commercial releases which include his performance.

Live Sessions: 

If I am being booked for a live session, I will need to know the following information at least 4 weeks in advance (especially if I am required to learn your repertoire).

  • Day/time/location of your performance.
  • Day/time/location of any rehearsals.
  • Venue load in/load out time.
  • Rider/catering information.
  • Performance time and duration.
  • Attire.

Terms and Conditions:

  • All expenses including fuel, toll roads, taxis, public transport, rail, flights/transfers, rehearsals and accommodation (if applicable) will be paid in full by the hirer/agent/artist/manager/artist representative.
  • Steve Wallace DOES NOT loan any equipment to any other performing/recording artists.