Guitars: Skervesen (6 & 7 String), Steinberger, Ibanez (6 & 7 String), Fender, Gibson, Taylor, Martin.
Amps: Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier 100W Head, 1×12 and 4×12 Rectifier Cabinets, Roland JC120.
FX: TC Electronic G System, Boss TU-2, Morley Mark Tremonti Wah, Boss PH-3, Line 6 Roto Machine, Ernie Ball VPJR Expression Pedal (x2)
Bass: SGC Nanyo 4 String, SWR Working Pro 15 Amplifier, Boss LMB-3 Compressor.
Drums: Yamaha Maple Custom, Sabian Cymbals, Pro Mark Sticks, Evans Heads, DW9000 Pedals with ACD Unlimited Longboards, Ultimate Driveshaft and Dynamic Beaters.
Misc: D’addario Strings,¬†Axess Electronics CFX4 Midi Switcher, Ebtech Hum Eliminator, Sennheiser EW172 Wireless, Monster Cables, NSP Custom Flight Cases, InTune Guitar Picks.
Home Studio: Apple iMac, Cubase Pro 9, Fractal Axe FXII XL+